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More Questions On Meditation

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Nancy asks…

What is the most affective type of Meditation and why? Also how do I begin?

I want to start meditating but i want one that is most affective. I want great concentration and be able to control my thoughts. Please explain how to learn this type of meditation thanks!

admin answers:

For beginners, guided meditation is probably the best. Here is one good one on youtube. Try it and see if you like it. Good luck!


Joseph asks…

Does meditation really work as a way to talk to your “inner self%?

In movies , people meditate and they go inside their mind and talk to themselves to learn more about themselves. Is this real or is it bogus. Is meditation just a way to calm down?

admin answers:

If switching off is the same, then yes.

Donald asks…

Do you believe meditation would be good to help lift my depression and reduce my anxiety?

I have anxiety issues, especially health anxiety and suffer with some mild depression. I was thinking of trying some meditation as i have heard this can be helpful?
Any answers/advise much appreciated.
Many thanks.

admin answers:

Yes, it’s a great way of relaxation and definitely can help. But if done wrong it may not only not work but also have negative effects instead of positive. So I would suggest you to take some classes at first so you have somebody to teach you and guide you, somebody who is pro and know how to do it right.

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