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More Questions On Walking Pneumonia

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David asks…

I had walking pneumonia last winter, should I get a pneumonia shot this year?

Does having had walking pneumonia last winter make me less susceptible to getting pneumonia this year or MORE susceptible to getting it? Or does it even matter?

admin answers:

Deb, it means that your ability to fight off these illnesses is low. A Pneumonia vaccination would be a good idea.

All the best.

Sharon asks…

Cheer tryouts Friday and I just found out I have walking pneumonia?

So I just found out that I have walking pneumonia and I have cheerleading tryouts this Friday. I get really winded whenever I’m practicing, so I really need some helpful answers. Does anyone have a “home concaution” that helps get rid of a sore throat/cough. Any and all suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated

admin answers:

There isn’t anything that you can do except take your antibiotics as prescribed and drink plenty of water and REST! You have a couple days so maybe you’ll be feeling better by Friday. If you are still having trouble breathing you should NOT tryout, but rather explain your situation to whomever is in charge of the tryouts and see if you can possibly do your tryout at a later date when you’re doing better. Good luck. Remember your health is most important and you should jeopardize it by over exerting yourself while you’re ill.

George asks…

Can you have walking pneumonia and not have a cough?

I had some xrays done on my chest and it shows I have walking pneumonia. This doesn’t make sense because I don’t have a cough and I can also run for about an hour and not get out of breath at all. The only symptoms I have are fatigue and post nasal drip…sometimes coming out of my mouth green. No cough though…I just horke it up as nasty as that is.

admin answers:

Yes, you can. Walking pneumonia has slightly different symptoms than pneumonia and it lingers for 3-4 weeks. Get whatever medicine your doctor recommends, as it takes awhile to get rid of this.

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