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More Questions On Massage Chair

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Michael asks…

What brand and model of massage chair would you recommend?

Looking into a massage chair but have no idea what brand or model is reliable and economic.

admin answers:


Donald asks…

What is the best massage chair out there?

I am looking to buy a massage chair. I have been researching and trying to figure out which is the best, but of course everyone claims to be. So I am hoping one of you can answer with some experience or at least guide me to a legit unbiased website.
I like pressure airbags on the legs, full body massage, including arms, heated, possibly mp3, lays flat 180. These are some of the must for me.
I have a chronic pain condition that is incurable so price is no option for me.
Thank you

admin answers:

Need to go and try them out. ^^

George asks…

What was the name of that chinese/japanese massage chair they used to sell in Debenhams/John Lewis?

It basically straps on to the chair and gives a really god back massage

Thanks for your help?

admin answers:


they are shiatsu massargers they come in many forms……

And yes they are great!!!!!

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