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More Questions On Take Care Of The Earth Coloring

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Susan asks…


So I met this guy at the bar. I admit, he is a bit on the wealthy side, and he is out of my race as well, but I can careless about it because I like men in general! Also, the fact that he has money is flattering but it doesn’t matter to me either. Any who, I’m a bit skeptical about him and his intentions. I’m 21, mixed African American nursing student/model and he is a 35 year old CEO Caucasian Jew. When we talk he pays attention to my every detail, from how I smile, to my laugh, and my over all funny, down to earth personality! I told him, the day I met him that i was celibate and that I have been for 6 months and I won’t break that for anything or anyone because I respect myself and the next guy I have sex with will be a guy who accepts me for me HANDS DOWN. He seemed to respect that… Or so I thought.. We went out recently, and I dressed to the 9′s that day… He couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. We kissed, which Is fine but then he got touchy touchy., I had to tell him SEVERAL times that I’m NOT that kind of girl and didn’t want to do anything sexual with him but he couldn’t help but keep his hands on me…. He finally stopped and took me home. before i got out of the car, he felt and looked bad and embarrassed and he apologized and told me that I really am not that kind of girl, and that i wasn’t a whore because an average girl would of had sex with him and received a shopping spree and money in return, but I’m not because i don’t care about that! I RESPECT myself…. he finally got that fact that I wasn’t like that. He also said I’m an honest and genuine girl looking for a sweet guy to accept me and cherish me.. To be honest, i can get whatever man I desire and many of then offer to buy me things and take care of me financially but I refuse! and he knows this too. Any who, after that day he still hit me up on my phone to the next day to conversate but i was skeptical of him so i didn’t really say much to him. He even called me “babe” when he texted me. Not only that but he makes it a point to keep me updated on what he’s doing, and not only that but he takes pictures and send the to me. I think that’s pretty sweet! being that he is a really busy man but he always make time for me to say, “good morning”, and check up on me.So my question here is what are his intentions?!?? I’m afraid that I might actually like him… I like the fact that he pays ALOT of attention to me and he even wrote down the things that I like, my favorite color, what I like to do, ect. He even checked my cell phone to see what guy I was talking to, 3 times!! I don’t approve of it and I always snatch my phone back but he checks my messages to see who I’m talking to.. Any advice???

admin answers:

Try him on for size, worst that could happen is you will waste a couple weeks of your life. If his intentions are sex i doubt he would give it more then three weeks after yall got together, just incase you didnt realize to alot, saddly most money is the highest atraction so he can have pretty much any girl as well.
Not everyone is out to get you… Unlike what all the other answers imply. Even rich guys diserve chances. Just dont break your celibacy, thats an amazing thing.

Lizzie asks…

What Zodiac Sign Should You Really Be (Quiz)?

I dunno i found this fun to decided to share :) Enjoy.

I got : TAURUS (Even though this sign is my opposite lol)

taurus – you are the 2nd symbol of the zodiac You are strong, campasionate, caring and charming. You are relaxed and have a calm gentle nature, most of the time. Although you do possess the infamous temper of the bull, and it’s stubborness, you rarely show it, but your adversaries should beware! You are the first earth sign, therefore you may have a way with earthly creatures and excel at gardening. Taureans, while affectionate, need to learn to be more open minded, as they have a tendency to be set in their ways. _your planet:_ venus – the goddess of love _your color:_ pastel pinks, greens and blues – the colors of gentelness _your body part_ the neck and throat. You may be prone to wieght gain via thyroid problems, you also must take care to sleep with supportive pillows, as you easily suffer from a stiff neck.

I got Leo in 2nd
Cancer in 3d
Capricorn in 4th
Scorpio in 5th
Gemini in 6th

admin answers:

Ya it’s a bad test.
I got taurus too. It’s for ages 8 to 15 I reckon. It just doesn’t work with adults

Sandra asks…

Shower washing away skin on penis, is this normal?

I was born with phimosis (Unable to retract foreskin, unable to wash there, etc)
Recently I’ve been able to cure my phimosis. I’m 20, and had never been able to wash underneath there. You can imagine it’s not the best place on Earth.
Due to hypersensitivity (It’s touched almost nothing all these years), I’ve been getting it used to touch slowly. Before was with a Q-tip to rub in a cream anti-biotic to take care of an infection (Which was a result of poor hygiene)

The areas where I’ve used the Q-tip are a more pinkish colour. The infection there is gone. The places where the Q-tip wasn’t used (No infection was there) are a dark whitish colour (Actual white white, not caucasian white).

I’ve lessened the sensitivity enough to be able to let the shower water hit it. I figure this is good, as I can finally clean there.

After my shower today, it looked like some of the skin had peeled away, revealing more colour underneath, less whitishness.

Considering this is the first significant cleaning of the area, maybe a buildup of dead skin or smegma is coating the area, giving it this whitish look? Is this peeling look normal? Should I continue desensitizing/washing it in this way?
Did some image searches on smegma, looks nothing like that.

Much more likely to be dead skin.

admin answers:

I would continue to do what you are doing, as you could be removing dead layers of skin. As the skin “toughens” up, the sloughing should reduce

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