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More Questions On Alternative Medicine Schools

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Mandy asks…

What are some alternatives to Ritalin and other medications, when treating ADHD in a child?

What are some alternatives to Ritalin and other medications, when treating ADHD in a child?

admin answers:

Hi January Prom Queen,

Good question. Many people do not even consider alternatives. There are many claims of alternatives, but most of them don’t have research to back them up.
1. EEG biofeedback. This is a treatment which has some research but it has been plagued by poor research design and small sample sizes. Yet, I did this approach for 2.5 years or so and it was effective with many of my clients. The major challenges are it can be lengthy, expensive and there is a lack of standardization which is frustrating. It is also not easy to find people in many areas who do EEG biofeedback. See a blog post of mine from 2007 on that topic in my first source link.
2. Pay attention to your diet. Like EEG biofeedback this area is struggling with a lack of robust and large research, same problems small sample sizes and poor research design. However, “don’t eat your fruits and vegetables you’ll get ADHD” It was a blog post about how pesticides recently in a large well-designed study found that pesticides were related to ADHD in typical American children. So, that is worth reading. With more mild cases of ADHd removing foods based upon what is suggested in that article (e.g. Eat local or organic fruits and vegetables). Yet, it is unclear how much that will help you pay attention once you have ADHD.
3. Cogmed Working Memory TrainingTM. I do this program with clients anywhere in the U. S. My son’s results have been amazing. However, I am a clinical psychologist so I was originally swayed by the very good research. Yet, my son is a freshman in high school and he is getting the best grades of his life after doing this program. Read more in my 3rd source below.

So, when looking for alternatives to ADHD medicines be sure to look for research. In my experience of over 7 years of looking for answers for my own son Cogmed Working Memory Training was the best answer I found for my son. He doesn’t take any medications.

Dr. Chaz

So, looking for

Donna asks…

What are some good schools for equine chiropractics?

I have decided after trying and looking into many careers that are in the equine field and I believe that becoming a horse chiropractor is the way to go. Could someone give me some helpful tips and ideas? What is a good school to go to? I am currents taking my generals and getting an accociates in Equine Science, so where do I go from there?

admin answers:

In the US, you can either become a doctor of human chiropractic first, or you can become a doctor of veterinary medicine, and then do your equine chiropractic coursework. So if you are sure you want to focus on chiropractic, then look into schools of human chiropractic. If you would rather become a medical doctor, then look into veterinary schools. The prerequisites will differ from one to another, so you should determine which path you want to take in order to direct your current studies correctly.


Mark asks…

What are some alternatives to Ritalin and other medications, when treating ADHD in a child?

What are some alternatives to Ritalin and other medications, when treating ADHD in a child?

admin answers:

My son uses vyvance on school days only. The medicine comes with side effects, being mood, grumpy, and appetite, doesn’t like to eat, doesn’t go to sleep untill about 1030pm. We really hate the medicine, but grades have improved and teacher is happy. I feel pushed to keep my child on this… And they think it should be a miracle pill that makes you sit down and shut up. It just doesn’t work that way.Then on weekends we try controlling sugar and dye intake. People don’t realize that blue and red dye have a lot of adverse effects. So we don’t give the pill in the summer or any day he does not go to school and try diet. That helps, nice fresh foods instead of processed.

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