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More Questions On Lotus Exige

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Susan asks…

How my would my car insurance cost?

How much would it cost an 18 year old living in the UK to own a Lotus Elise or Exige with the following:


18 years old
Clean License
Received license at 17
Live in Scotland
For Commuting and Leisure


Lotus Elise/Exige (Pretty much the same car)
1.796 cc
2 Seater
148 mph Top speed
Car estimate worth: 6k-10k

Thanks in advance


You should go to and see the different quotes you can get from multiple companies. Its reallly easy to use and got me the best price and i saved about 350 dollars.

Carol asks…

What is the BHP for the Lotus Elige they used on top gear against the Apache helicopter ?

I need to know to compare against the lotus elise coz im buying one of them i need to know as much as possible to compare i have prices etc…put not the bhp
EXIGE sorry spelling mistake


There is a Lotus Elise, and Lotus Exige, but no Lotus Elige.

Daniel asks…

A car is ruining my relationships with women.?

I saw an advertisement for a Lotus Exige. Now I’ve forgotten why I want to be in a relationship. What should I do?


Get the car I guess

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